China's Patent System Sucks and Blows, Says Fan Expert Sir James Dyson

By Gary Cutlack on at

China is risking being kicked out of the World Trade Organisation due to its continuing abuses of copyrights and a two-speed patent approval system that favours its own companies, according to Dyson.

Dyson, who is part of the UK government's business advisory group, said of the Chinese: "They are creating an unlevel playing field by taking our technology and selling it all over the world."

Some of the unfairness as far as Dyson is concerned stems from patent application timescales, with the Chinese apparently approving the patents of its own companies in "months", while making outsiders wait up to five years for approval -- delaying any possible legal action until overseas patents are approved.

According to WTO rules, all countries should treat patent applications on similar timelines. [Guardian via Techradar]