Corpse Granny for iPhone and iPad: Puzzles, Zombies and Zimmer Frames

By Bulent Yusuf on at

Another day, another gaming app festooned with zombies. But it has to be said, what an utterly splendid name – Corpse Granny. Say it aloud next time you're in the vicinity of a Daily Mail reader. Give it some gusto, and then innocently show them the app. They might just keel over with indignation.

How does it play?

This is a physics-based puzzler, where each level contains a cartoon zombie character or three. You need to eliminate all of them using the objects at your disposal, primarily a flaming fireball which can be used to set off a chain reaction.

The fireball is swinging on a chain, and you swipe the chain to cut it loose. The arc of the swing when you cut the fireball determines the velocity and angle of the fireball. Later stages allow you to determine the swing by tilting your iPad or iPhone as appropriate.

The zombies won't take this kind of agression sitting down, though. Some of them shuffle around on their platforms, so they're a moving target, and others will deploy offensive weaponry to deflect the fireball. That's where you'll have to use other props like crates and planks to despatch them.

There's 45 levels altogether, spread throughout three different themed worlds. Scoring is based on completing the level with the most efficiency in the least amount of time. Every now and then you'll be confronted with the evil undead octogenarian herself, wickedly waggling her walking stick in your general direction.

Why do we like it?

The graphics are great, the puzzling is clever, and there's humour in abundance. Success or failure at the end of each stage is marked either by a shot of the corpse granny being stuffed back in her coffin, or emerging from it with an evil grin. Ban this sick filth, indeed.

Some might argue that the gameplay is a derivative mish-mash of Cut the Rope and Angry Birds, and they'd be right. But Corpse Granny is a stylish package, slotting comfortably into the gothic style of The Addams Family or any Tim Burton film you could care to mention. Halloween has been and gone, but the corpse granny shambles on.


Corpse Granny is available now on the App Store for iPhone (69p) | iPad (£1.99)