Does Anyone Else Think These Light-Up Surfboards Are an Awesomely Bad Idea?

By Casey Chan on at

Watching surfers with glow in the dark wetsuits surf on their light-up neon surfboards in the complete dark is a visual mind bender. It's also completely crazy 'cos uh... SHARKKKKSS? Could you paint a bigger target on yourself than BRIGHT LIGHTS ALL OVER YOUR BODY?!

Okay, you probably could be a bigger target if you made a surfboard from bleeding steaks with a gash across your leg and a human corpse trailing your board but still. Shining bright lights at night in the middle of the big bad ocean is sure to gets a shark's attention.

With my expert Internet searching skills (ahem Wikipedia browsing), I've discovered that though sharks aren't any good at seeing colour, they're freaking ace at detecting contrast and light. That means with the contrast between the brightness of the lights (regardless of colour) against the black sea of the night ocean made the light suit wearing surfers SITTING DUCKS for any prospective human-eating shark.

My completely rational fears of shark aside, the surfing video is visually awesome and must've been fun as hell to make. Strongbow Australia (the cider company) made the clip with surfing filmmakers Jack McCoy, Bali Strickland and Eugene Tan in Bondi Beach, Australia. In total, 17 surfers strapped up their Tron-like suits and hit the waves to make the ocean look like it was The Grid. Thank god no one died. [Strongbow via MAKE]