"Explicit Content" Warning Coming to iTunes, Amazon and Most UK Digital Music Stores

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BPI's advisory system that warns parents their children are probably listening to rap music is coming to the online stores, with most of the UK's digital shops agreeing to display a form of Parental Advisory warning when users download tunes.

The BPI says Amazon, HMV, Napster UK, eMusic, 7digital, Tesco and Vevo have all agreed to display an explicit lyrics warning, which will link to new online resource parental-advisory.co.uk, with the hope being that a form of consistent labelling will emerge to give parents some idea of what's suitable in the alien world of modern music.

The flaw here is it assumes kids download their music when their parents are standing behind them, rather than on their laptops and phones when hidden safely from view. [Telegraph via TNW]