Facebook Shows Boozy Britain's a Nation of Drunkards

By Sam Gibbs on at

Us Brits, we love our booze. From real ales, larger and tart fuel, to fine wines, Lambrini and the odd G&T -- it's all good. One of the consequences of our penchant for tipple is that we're always being photographed when trollied. So, unsurprisingly around 75 per cent of our Facebook photos capture us sozzled, according to a recent survey.

OK, it doesn't use the largest of sample sizes -- only 1,781 Facebookers were gathered by MyMemory.com -- but we all know it's true. How many times have you been tagged in a photo after a night out you can't remember, only to find all the photos show you bleary-eyed and making a tit out of yourself? The survey revealed that 93 per cent of us have also removed tags from embarrassing photos in the hope that no one will see that perfect portrait of you drooling on the floor in the corner.

We like our drink, but no one likes the photographic evidence the morning after. Maybe it's time everyone invested in one of these photo blockers -- or banned cameras and phones from bars and clubs? Though that won't be half as much fun for the sober amongst us. [The Telegraph]

Image credit: Drunk girl from Shutterstock