Fancy Yourself an Android Phone Manufacturer With the Android Phone Name Generator

By Sam Gibbs on at

Android phone naming schemes have gone a little off-the-deep-end. While we're shielded from it a bit in the UK, the US certainly isn't. My personal favourite longest, what-were-you-thinking, name is Samsung's Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. But now you too can come up with some incredible, world-beating names with just a single click of the Android Phone Name Generator.

The best out of the names I've managed to generate was the Motorola Bionic Touch Prime S X 4G, but other great ones include the HTC Devour Incredible (I'd almost buy that one), the Samsung Liquid Slide and the Acer Sensation Neo X2 E S. What happened to names being snappy? I know it's better to give the phone an extravagant name rather than just a model number, but how about keeping them a little more punchy? Throw your best down in the comments, generated or otherwise. [Android Phone Name Generator via Daring Fireball]