Galileo GPS-Replacement Safe Through 2020 After £6bn EU Cash Award

By Sam Gibbs on at

The fate of Europe's rather expensive answer to the American GPS satellite navigation system, Galileo, has been secured after a €7bn (£6bn) award from the European Union. The money will be enough to see all 30 satellites operating in orbit and pay for running costs through to 2020.

The service isn't expected to come online until 2014, so don't expect the iPhone 5 or Motorola Nexus to come packing Galileo; but the ESA's satellite system is meant to be even more accurate than the current GPS and Russia's GLONASS solutions. That should mean you'll get even better location information for your foursquare stalkers -- they'll know without a shadow of a doubt that you're in the bogs at O'Neill's when you check-in. [ZDNet UK]