Glimpses From the Gizmodo UK Launch Party

By Kat Hannaford on at

As someone Roman once said: we came, we saw, and we drank a lot of beer. Last night's Giz UK launch party at The O2's VIP lounge bar was a rip-roaring success, with over 100 readers becoming some of the first people in the country to try the blazin' 4G speeds.

According to O2's tech guy Rob (party-goers will remember his lab-coat and "infamous" demo), the partiers chewed through 16GB of data last night, putting the 4G network through its paces. If you can't quite get your head around that sum, it's the equivalent of 32 smartphones' monthly data allowances, in just three hours. That's alotta app downloads.

But we weren't just there to crib a bit of free data. We gave away 23 4G dongle trials in competitions that ranged from Tekken tournaments to whoever had consumed the most drinks that night (though we're still not sure if the winner of that dongle was being honest about his 10 pints), not to mention Lomography La Sardina cameras and an iCade iPad arcade system from Firebox.

Congratulations to all of the winners of last night, and remember, even if you didn't walk away with a new gadget last night, you're all winners in our eyes. You're Giz UK-ers, after all! Thanks again to all who came, and if you missed out this time, don't feel too put out -- we'll be holding many more events in the future.

If you can bear to watch video footage from the night, check it out below:

Now, a quick thank-you to all of our kind sponsors...

Thanks to O2, who kindly saw to it that everyone was watered and fed very well throughout the night. Not to mention armed with 4G speeds; dongle trials, and heaps of Motorola RAZRs!

Thanks to Lomography, we gave away three awesome La Sardina cameras on the night -- but don't worry if you didn't make it, as we're giving away another nine this week on the site.

Firebox gave us emergency clown noses for the goody bags, and an iCade iPad arcade system for a prize.

Heaps of Griffin iPad and iPhone cases were last seen hulking in party-goers' goody bags -- thanks guys!

Lots of fun gadgets from RED5 snuck into the goody bags as well. I trust no-one got stung by a shocking pen?

Little surprises from Thumbs Up! were donated to the goody bag cause as well -- hopefully the FridgeBook magnet giftees like Facebook.

Bless Google for giving us heaps of Google+ frisbees and pens. Luckily no-one was injured by flying frisbees tossed by drunken revellers.