Google Launches "Video Discovery Experiment" YouTube Slam

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a new Google/YouTube thing out there to help make these dark days of nothingness pass a little quicker, in the form of YouTube Slam. It's a sort of 'Hot or Not?' for potential viral video clips.

The YouTube Slam front end currently gives you a choice of three categories, either Bizarre clips, Comedy ones or Cute choices, with the site then displaying two clips from the category side by side. You watch them both then vote on your favourite, the idea being that you might stumble across the next "viral" smash.

Although it looks like all that's likely to really happen is you'll see some rubbish videos that haven't already gone viral for good reason. But anyway. Each week a new set of clips will be forced to take part in this pretend battle, with the eventual winners appearing on the Slam Leaderboards for exposure to millions of bored browsers. [YouTube]