Google's London Victoria Office Resembles a Tron-Themed Bachelor Pad

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've all seen evidence that Google's working environments aren't your typical grey-box cubicle affair, but its latest refit to the fourth floor of its London Victoria office takes the biscuit. From an indoor park to write-anywhere-walls, sofas and deck chairs, Level 4 has to be one of the coolest places to work on the planet.

The refit sits within one of London's more traditional buildings in the Victoria area, which makes for a stark contrast inside to out. It was the brain child of Henrique Penha, who's the lead designer for Android. When Google looked to renovate the floor, it looked to its engineers to see what they wanted, and what would work best for them. It's all about thinking differently according to Penha:

"Making it feel like it's not an office was part of the brief. The meeting rooms have sofas, making them more laid- back. Forcing people to sit differently can help them to think differently."

Whatever the aim, I want to work in an office with pool tables, where you can graffiti on white-boarded-walls and sit on sofas for meetings. I might not actually do all that much work in there though -- it looks like something out of sports/media star management films like Jerry Maguire and they never seemed to do any work. Whether it's worth the not insignificant amount of money to develop, who knows -- Google's got money to burn obviously. How about coming and sprucing up the Gizmodo UK towers, eh Google? [Evening Standard]

Photos courtesy of The Penson Group