Got a Galaxy Note? Grab Some Free Stuff On Samsung

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's almost Christmas and Samsung's feeling generous -- at least towards Galaxy owners. Now Galaxy Note-wielders can claim even more goodies, in the form of £120's worth of music and movies.

You get £65 to spend on movie rentals from Samsung's own movie service, which might not be all that great. But you also get a £50 voucher for 7digital's music store, which is great. To qualify, you have to go through the Samsung Hub on your Note, and input your IMEI.

The offer runs through till the end of December; so, If you've got a Galaxy Note, £50's worth of MP3s isn't to be sniffed at. Oh, and you also get a free download of AVG Pro worth a whole £6. Get in! [Clove]