Joyriding Nostalgia Brought to iOS and Android by GTA III, Which Even Works on the Galaxy S II

By Sam Gibbs on at

GTA III, the game that took the franchise 3D, has landed on both Android and iOS. Strangely, Rockstar doesn't officially support the Galaxy S II, likely due to the chipset Samsung used in the phone; but reviews on the Android Market say the game works on it just fine. The listing also mentions that Galaxy Nexus support is "coming soon" though it might be worth a try now.

It'll set you back £2.99 for iOS and £3.21 for Android, a bargin for the game that made open-world gameplay what we know and love today. Time to relive all those happy memories of mowing down pedestrians and soliciting hookers -- just watch out for peeking perves over your shoulder on the bus. [Android Market, iTunes]