Hard Disk Production Kick-Started Again After WD Thai Factory Dries Out

By Sam Gibbs on at

Good news for anyone looking to buying a hard drive or computer in the next year or so -- Western Digital has partially restored production at one of its manufacturing plants in Thailand, and expects to have all the water pumped out of a second within 10 days.

It's not all good news for WD however; the clean-up operation is expected to cost in the region of £30m, which piles on top of the estimated £175m the company is paying out in the acquisition of Hitachi's storage division and a legal case with competitor Seagate. But from a consumer standpoint, it's good to see production starting again, even if WD is going to be about 50 million hard drives short of the estimated demand. As much as I'd love to just be using SSDs, magnetic hard drives are the only realistic option for large capacity storage -- unless you're a ludicrously overpaid footballer or something. [The Register]