Harry Potter DVD Set is Your Kiddie-Spellbinding Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

We all love the Harry Potter films, right? Who among us can resist the antics of Harry, Rupert, Len, Carly Conkers, Pube Face, The Trotter, Benjamin 65, GG Allin and the Supermarket Twins? Exactly.

Well now you can overdose your entire head off with a jumbo bumper serving of ALL of the Potter films on DVD in a handy box set for just £20. Yes, a mere twenty mother-loving quids. We’ve also heard a whisper that you’ll get a free glossy 8x6 long lens snap of JK Rowling hanging her bra on the washing line as well. That might not be true...


Today's Bonus Dealz:

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- An Xbox 360 (250GB) with 12 months’ Xbox Live, Forza 4 and Battlefield 3 – yours for just £194.50.


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