Hitachi's 4TB Hard Drive Arrives, Four Years After Announcement

By Gary Cutlack on at

You have to like a company that follows through. Four years ago Hitachi said we'd have 4TB hard drives by 2011. And it's just about scraped that deadline (in the US) with its Deskstar 5K4000.

It's packed with Hitachi buzzwords. "CoolSpin" makes the 5K4000 run quietly, "Advanced Format" increases the sector size from 512 bytes to 4096 bytes allowing for the bigger capacity, while Hitachi's "HiVert" tech makes it power efficient enough for the company to make some vague green boasts and put some leafy logos on the back of its box.

There's also a new 4TB external option in the form of the Hitachi Touro Desk, which also comes in a USB 3.0 variant for about the biggest and best external storage option out there today. [Hitachi via Engadget]