"Hit Potential Equation" Computes a Song's Pop Chart Success Potential

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists at the University of Bristol are claiming to have created a form of music analysis tool, which calculates the chances of a pop song being a smash. Today's chart music? Entirely predictable? You don't say.

The Bristol team claims it can predict chart success with a 60 per cent accuracy rate, compiling its data by analysing a song's tempo, timing, length, loudness and the complexity of its harmonics. Each of the 23 elements it measures are given a weight, which is compared against the content of the track being scanned, forming the basis of a success or failure prediction.

Obviously the computer is not just guessing -- 50 years of pop smashes have been pre-scanned to build up the system's pop-picking database. [PA via ExtremeTech]

Image credit: Pop music from Shutterstock