Hollywood's UltraViolet Unified Movie System Launching December 26th

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UltraViolet "Digital Library" film service is launching in the UK after Christmas, giving us yet another way to buy, stream and eventually download films. Only this time, you own the rights to watch them again and again, for life.

According to The Register, which got to play with a near-final version of the system in the UK, the service is arriving here on December 26th, and will launch with one single film available to buy and supporting the system  -- Final Destination 5.

DVDs and Blu-ray discs subsequently bought from participating movie studios -- Sony, Universal and Warner are already onboard -- will come with a redeemable code, entitling the buyer to stream the digital version. Support for downloading copies will come later in 2012, once a decision has been reached on which format to use.

UltraViolet support will also be embedded into the likes of Amazon, LoveFilm and many other sites and their accompanying apps, hopefully seamlessly integrating with any existing digital film service you currently use.

It's a pretty bold plan. Especially if you've been excitedly awaiting the retail release of Final Destination 5. [UVVU via The Register]