House of Commons Bought £17,000's Worth of iPads to Test Drive Tablets

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like it's not just our courts of law that are trialling tablets -- MPs are getting in on the swipey, pinchy and tappy action too, having spent £17,000 on iPads.

The House of Commons Commission has acquired 17 iPads for use within the Commons, while the IT bods, PICT, have another 17 in for testing. They're looking at swapping paper for tablets to cut costs, in a similar manner to the justice system:

“They are being used to explore how mobile computing might be used to support the work of Parliament, and what cost savings or environmental benefits might be gained,” said Lib Dem MP John Thurso.

While tablet use in court seems reasonable, what with all that paper evidence the judges, barristers and police have to sift through, MPs don't have all that much paper to juggle in comparison. Mind you, as long as they're not upgrading them every year at the taxpayers' expense, I'm all for modernisation within Parliament -- even if it does set us back £17,000 when we're already in masses of debt. Let's just hope they're not as easy to lose as confidential flash drives, laptops and bits of paper -- I can imagine the now defunct News of the World would have been all over that. [TechEYE]

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