How to Shoot Photos at Night

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When doing night photography, it is essential to know some tips and techniques that will help you attain beautiful pictures. Here are some tips that you can follow when doing night photography:


Use a Tripod

It is very useful having a tripod when doing night shoots. The tripod will keep your camera stable, resulting in sharper images free of blur. However, not all people have tripods, or there are times when you have to capture images at night and you don’t have yours with you. An idea is to find a stable wall to lean against. Use that wall to keep yourself stable while taking pictures at night. Or, find a flat surface to place your camera on -- really, anything that's stable and still should serve you well.

Image Credit: Dogma


Use the Bulb Setting

If your camera has the bulb setting, use it to your advantage when taking photographs at night. The bulb setting allows longer exposures so you can capture light streams from headlights of cars, streetlamps and other objects that emit light. You will end up with amazing night photography pictures when you use the bulb setting, so definitely remember to switch the setting over.

Image Credit: Chuo104


Shoot at Dusk

Another thing to consider is shooting at dusk when there is some light left. This will allow you to have a bit of light on your photo as opposed to having big areas of blackness. Shooting at dusk is also perfect for bodies of water when you can see a hint of reflection of the objects on the surface of the water. Of course, some views are best shot in total darkness. It’s completely up to you!

These are only a few tips that you can use when taking night photographs. Taking perfect pictures may take some time but you might also come up with interesting images as you learn along the way! If you have any tips you'd like to share, please do let us know below.

Top Image Credit: Hodachrome

This article originally appeared in Lomography’s magazine here.

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