I Can't Look At These Warped Airport Photos Without Getting Dizzy

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Relying on satellite imagery collected from the internet instead of a camera, artist Hubert Blanz created these mind-bending images of airports for his X-planation collection. I rarely get motion sick, but browsing through these images makes me want to puke.

The photos are obviously a result of clever pixel pushing in Photoshop, but the nauseating effect comes from your brain trying to wrap itself around Hubert's use of different perspectives in the same image. If he had cut and pasted runways from airport photos that were all taken from an overhead view, your brain would have no problem comprehending the final composite. But instead, he mixes images of runways that have been photographed from different angles and perspectives. Making it hard for your brain to determine which way is up.

All I can say is that it's a good thing M.C. Escher listened to his heart and pursued a career as an artist, instead of airport planning. It's already hard enough to find your gate without having to deal with a few extra dimensions. [Hubert Blanz via MyModernMet]