Intel's Thunderbolt Coming to PCs from April 2012

By Gary Cutlack on at

Intel and Apple's Thunderbolt data transfer format could soon be a bullet-point on your new PC's tech spec sheet, with Intel reportedly preparing to launch a PC version of the adaptable daisy-chain interface next spring.

According to the usual tech sources, Intel is planning to introduce the feature alongside its next generation 22nm "Ivy Bridge" processors, in a slightly bizarre attempt to compete with the USB 3.0 format that's surely already the next-gen data transfer format of choice for most PC users -- and is also supported by the Ivy Bridge range.

Despite arriving exclusively on high-end Apple devices at the moment, it's actually Intel that owns the right to Thunderbolt tech -- so there's nothing stopping us all getting an exciting new hole to play with on our desktops and laptops. [Techradar]