Is There a Doctor In the House? No, But There's the British Red Cross First Aid App

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's almost Christmas, and you just know Dad is going to slice off a finger when he's carving the turkey on the big day. You may not know your arse-end from your elbow when it comes to medical procedures, but first aid isn't that hard. Get prepared to save the day with the British Red Cross first aid app.

Available for free for Android and iPhone (BlackBerry is coming soon), the British Red Cross app will attempt to teach your sorry-arse how to administer basic life-saving techniques -- and no sticking a plaster on it and hoping for the best doesn't count. It's got videos, step-by-step instructions and fun sounding quizzes covering 18 "everyday" first aid scenarios.

Seasonally, the app currently features Christmas and winter survival tips -- just in case Britain is shut down by a little snow again. It's free, it might save someone's life, so probably worth a download. Just don't get cocky now; you're not a qualified surgeon and that finger you removed and sewed back on last week, probably isn't going to survive. [British Red CrossiTunes, Android Market]