iTunes Match Now Up and Running In the UK (For Real This Time)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple updated its terms of service for iTunes in the UK last night, and it seems to have actually rolled out its cloud music service properly this time -- although there's still no mention of iTunes Match on the Apple UK site.

Those that managed to sign up yesterday will automatically start the matching process, but those still keen to give Apple £22 for a cloud service you can more or less get for free from Google (with a little US VPN magic on sign-up), can now do so too.

For those who have had their head in the sand for the last six months, iTunes Match is Apple's answer to iTunes in the cloud -- matching your music to its library and then letting you download or stream those tracks to any Apple or iTunes-packing device. Tracks it can't match, it'll upload to Apple's servers so none of your obscure musical tastes or random bootlegs should be left behind. It'll also let you download 256Kbps versions of all the tracks it can match, regardless of how crappy your originals are.

It's impressive that Apple launched its cloud service after Google in the US, but still beat it across the pond, and with all the required rights in-tow too. What's up Google? Apple's caught you napping again.