Kisai On Air Ultra-Minimalist Watch Is the Easiest Tokyoflash To Read Yet

By Sam Gibbs on at

Most of Tokyoflash's crazy watch designs are pretty hard to read -- at least for the casual observer. Its latest, the Kisai On Air, bucks that trend, but maintains the touchable innovative flair we've come to know and love.

The On Air uses on-screen digits to display the time in minutes, which also mark the hour by rotating around the display in a similar manner to a traditional hour hand. It'll show you the date in the same fashion too -- days marked by the digits and the month shown by the position of the hand. It's an incredibly simple and elegant solution, and was built from a concept submitted to the Japanese watch fanatics through its design blog. Like the recent raft of Kasai models, the screen is touchable and has a backlight for night reading, while you've also go an alarm function for waking you from your stupor in the morning.

The watch casing is available in either black or silver stainless steel, with red, green, gold or "natural" LCD display colours to choose from. The Kasai On Air will set you back between £109 and £115 depending on colour for the next 48 hours, rising to £122 and £128 respectively. If you've been admiring the stylish watch designs of Tokyoflash for a while now, but have been put off by the frankly nuts methods of trying to read the time, the On Air certainly solves that problem. My money's still on the Pocket Watch though -- a touch of class that one. [Tokyoflash]