Launches "Interactive Portal" Discover, Built in HTML5

By Gary Cutlack on at has teamed up with Microsoft's IE9 people for a nice bit of brand cross-promotion, which sees the pair releasing a custom web player, built in HTML5, and enhanced for users of Internet Explorer 9.

The custom portal sits at and even comes with a big tag advising users that it's better in IE9 than on other browsers. Although, it looks about the same in Chrome as far as we can tell.

Once there in whatever browser you have handy, you get a cheery 2D countryside representation, which scrolls from side to side as you select music, zooming in when you select new categories. There's a little drag & drop mix creator that lets you create mini playlists, plus social sharing features for beaming music out to friends.

It's a nice little tech demo. Probably not the future of the internet and media consumption, but a fun toy. [ Discover]