LG Promises World's Largest OLED TV You Can't Afford at CES

By Sam Biddle on at

Remember OLED? Even back in 2009 we were lamenting how the gorgeous screen tech seemed to be a flash in the pan for televisions—at least for those with less income than Lex Luthor. LG, however, is OLED-ready.

The company says part of its 2012 CES showing will including a whopping 55-inch OLED display, meaning bright, beautiful, sharp, and huge—to a degree beyond any TV out today. And because the OLED sets generate their own light (as opposed to an LCD TV that requires a backlight), the panel is only 5mm thin. That's very thin.

We'll have our eyes-on impressions for you at CES so so soon, but until then, a little sobering perspective: OLED is still a nascent technology for tubes, which means it's going to be as expensive as it is pretty—when LG sold a 15-inch set, it was £1,500. And that "world's largest" claim will ring true only if another company doesn't show off an OLED TV that's... larger. Either way, my eyeballs are eager.