London Police Broadcasting Booze Safety Warnings via Wi-Fi

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a novel way to spread misery at Christmas. The Met Police is requesting revellers activate Wi-Fi when out and about in parts of London, so it can ping them links to adverts about the danger of booze-related crimes.

The campaign has been specifically designed to warn about the dangers of rape, informing people about the importance of consent and pointing out that being enormously drunk isn't necessarily an invitation to party.

The Met's Sapphire Command unit will be pinging out its "rape prevention and personal safety messages" to those in the vicinity of London hot spots like the Ministry of Sound, the Proud Galleries, The Trocedero Centre and Infernos nightclub.

Posters in the area will ask people to turn on their mobile Wi-Fi connections, if they haven't already lost their phones in one of the previous five bars, which will then, apparently, open them up to receiving the friendly advice from the cops. Perhaps having an open Wi-Fi connection is a metaphor for sexual promiscuity? [Met]

Image credit: The police from Shutterstock