London's Bendy Buses Binned by Boris Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today is the last day those of you in London will see the notorious 'Bendy Bus' in service, with the fleet of articulated people carriers being taken out of service after one final Friday night of ferrying drunk people home.

Transport for London says mayor Boris Johnson's scrapping of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses will save around £7.4m every year thanks to making fare evasion harder on their replacements -- but it's still going to cost £2.2m to roll out new vehicles along the last routes still running the bendy options.

The only route the Bendy Bus still currently serves is the 207 service from Hayes to White City, so if you're a fan of the creaking joints, cavernous layout and adrenaline rush from not checking in with your Oyster Card to try to travel for free, that's where to go for your last chance to ride one. [Londonist]

Image credit: Bendy bus from Shutterstock