LoveFilm Gives Flash the Axe After Pressure From Hollywood For Silverlight

By Sam Gibbs on at

Poor Flash, it just can't catch a break. LoveFilm is the latest to eject Adobe's once-mighty streaming wrapper in favour of Microsoft's also-ran Silverlight, after pressure from paranoid Hollywood bent LoveFilm over a barrel.

In a blog post, LoveFilm said:

"We’ve been asked to make this change by the Studios who provide us with the films in the first place, because they’re insisting – understandably – that we use robust security to protect their films from piracy, and they see the Silverlight software as more secure than Flash.

Simply put: without meeting their requirements, we’d suddenly have next-to-no films to stream online."

Now the use of Silverlight might not make that much of a difference to Intel-Mac or Windows users -- it's just another bloody plug-in that you have to install -- but Silverlight leaves Linux and PowerPC-Mac users hung out to dry. HTML5 was considered, but the lack of secure DRM solutions meant Silverlight was basically the only option to appease the insecure studios.

Both Flash and Silverlight will run alongside each other for LoveFilm's computer-based movie streaming, but Flash will have the rug pulled out from under it in the first week of 2012. Occupy Flash will be happy no doubt, and while I'm no advocate of Flash, Silverlight's still a bit crap. It's a shame there's no robust copyright protection available within HTML5 to sate the money-grubbing studios. [LoveFilm via The Register]