LoveFilm Locks-In Sony Pictures In UK Movie Streaming Rights Battle

By Sam Gibbs on at

The battle for the UK streaming rights between LoveFilm and the incoming Netflix is really hotting up. While Netflix has seen the majority of exclusive deals, LoveFilm's hit back, first with Warner Brothers and now Sony Pictures.

Sony Pictures covers quite a wide range of blockbuster releases, having swallowed up Columbia, Tristar, and others. Highlights from its collection include: The Social Network, Salt, and 2012. It'll also add a whole host of TV shows to LoveFilm's relatively extensive catalogue of kids shows, with Fireman Sam and Wallace & Gromit headlining the collection.

Don't expect a whole raft of Sony Pictures to show up next week though -- the deal is only scheduled to come into force in June 2012. With all these exclusivity agreements being signed left and right, the UK streaming market looks set to turn out like the current state of platform exclusive console gaming -- you're going to have to sign up for both Netflix and LoveFilm if you want access to all the studio's films and TV shows.