Mexican Army Shuts Down Zeta Drug Cartel's Encrypted Mobile Phone Network

By Sam Gibbs on at

After Anonymous had its little on-again, off-again dealings with the Zeta drug cartel, the Mexican army has stepped in to cut the drug lords off-the-air. The Zetas were apparently running their own encrypted communications network -- not your average run of the mill junkies-come-dealers that's for sure.

The Army confiscated some pretty advanced equipment, with 167 antennas and 166 power supplies removed, along with 1,400 radios and 2,600 phones. This follows a similar raid by the country's Navy, which tore apart another communication network the drug barons had set-up in another province of Mexico. Some impressive infrastructure that's for sure. Just goes to show how entrenched, and what a massive deal, the Zeta cartel really is in Mexico. Maybe our own Police should take note -- if the Zetas can set up their own encrypted communications network that works, why can't the Rozzers. [AP via The Register]

Image credit: Cell tower from Shutterstock