Michael Jackson May Have Danced on This Bluetooth Speaker

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There are plenty of compact Bluetooth speakers in the world, but none quite have the provenance of Croft House's offerings. They're made from maple wood that Michael Jackson himself spent hours dancing on. Now that's HIStory.

So while it can't be one-hundred per cent confirmed, there's a very good chance that the Croft House Black Betty, Muddy Ducky, or Thunderstump speakers have been moonwalked upon by the King of Pop himself. And if you're not an MJ fan (which, hey what's wrong with you?), but like the rustic burlap and vintage fabrics used on these speakers, you can also opt for the fir model, which features reclaimed wood from a Capitol Records recording studio in Hollywood.

The Bluetooth functionality is a £35 option, and since Croft House can't actually confirm which pieces of timber Michael Jackson rehearsed on, the speakers are reasonably priced, ranging from around £160 to £900. Just don't expect a letter of authenticity. [Croft House via Chip Chick]