Minuskull Speakers Are Terrifyingly Beautiful

By Mat Honan on at

I like things that look like other things. I like speakers. I like skulls. I like wood. And so what's not to like about these MinuSkull wooden speakers that look like skulls?

The 50 Watt speakers are designed by Kuntzel+Deygas. The wooden housing is walnut, and the eyes, which double as membranes, are banana leaf pulp. The interior holds two broadband Fostex Fe-83 speakers with a mini subwoofer and Mosfet amplifier. The walnut version (pictured) will set you back €1500 (around £1,300), plus shipping, while lacquered white or black skulls are a mere €1750 (£1,500). Take that, death! [Minuskull via Hypebeast]