Napster Survives in the UK and Germany

By Sam Gibbs on at

Napster, the MP3 sharing service that started it all, officially died when it was bought by the US music streaming service Rhapsody from doomed-in-the-UK Best Buy. The thing is, Rhapsody is a no-name entity in the UK, so the company is giving Napster a reprieve.

Talking to the Register, a Rhapsody spokesperson said:

"There is no intention to close Napster in either Germany or the UK."

So it looks like Napster is here to stay, if only for the short-term. Whether we'll see Napster become what Rhapsody is in the States, who knows. It's not like anyone actually still uses Napster in its current shell-of-its-old-self form anyway is it? Do the kids these days even know what Napster is? [The Register]