Newzbin2 Gets the Cold Shoulder From Sky As Well

By Sam Gibbs on at

That messy court ordered website blocking business is continuing unabated, with Sky being the latest to be strong-armed into blockade of Newsbin2. It was asked "nicely" by the Motion Picture Association last month, and despite the EU ruling that forcing ISPs to filter sites for piracy is illegal, it's now come back with a court order.

If this continues we could see every piracy-associated site scrubbed from the UK-accessible internet. Problem is that this kind of blockade does nothing. Users of Newzbin2 proved that it doesn't matter what the ISP does, they can still get their Usenet-searching fix. I re-iterate my previous statements and say that only when movie studios, music labels and TV broadcasters give us what we want; when we want it; in a format we can easily use; and at a price we can actually afford, will piracy be drastically reduced -- you're simply not going to achieve that with these kind of Big Brother tactics. [Sky via TechRadar]