Nokia Lumia 800 Sales Barely More Than Basic "Touch and Type" Phones

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ouch. Nokia's not doing so great with its new flagship Lumia 800, even with a £20m advertising budget. According to the FT, the Lumia 800 didn't even break into the top ten phones sold in the UK, and barely sold more than its basic "Touch and Type" phones -- those feature-class phones with a touchscreen and numeric keypad.

I know the Lumia 800 was only Nokia's first attempt at a Windows Phone, and that it has to rebuild brand momentum; but it hasn't exactly turned into the company's saviour they hoped for, if it's not even selling enough to break into the top ten on launch. For what it's worth, it's not a bad little phone; it just doesn't cut the mustard against some stiff competition from the likes of the iPhone 4S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus and the plethora of other Android phones. [FT]