"Nuts and Bolts for Dinner Again LOL" -- Social Network for Robots Launches

By Gary Cutlack on at

New social site MyRobots wants to bring all robots together, giving them a place where they can whinge about their human masters in peace.

The site wants owners of robotic devices to create profile pages for them and upload photos, as if they were pets. Or children. But there's also the option to have robotic things automatically generate their own status updates. If your robot's hardware supports it, MyRobots would like you to use its API to ping status and tech updates to the site, creating an automated news feed from your 'bot chum.

All you need is a web-enabled bit of hardware and the knowledge to link that to the site's API, then your hand-made LEGO robot can start telling the world how many times it's been charged today. A whole new world of mundane status updates has just opened up. [MyRobots via New Scientist]

Image credit: Androids via Shutterstock