Official OnLive App Now Available for Android

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hot new video game streaming service OnLive has been hacked on to Android before. Now there's an official app, giving Android owners the chance to join the disc-free streaming service.

According to OnLive's listing on the Android Market, the app has been primarily tested on Android tablets, with the likes of the XOOM, Eee Pad Transformer and Galaxy Tab listed as fully working.

The officially supported phone list is less impressive, consisting mainly of US models. But having just checked its compatibility on the Android Market, the OnLive app will install on quite a few modern, UK-spec Android phones, with anything around HTC Desire level of power and above -- and running Android 2.3 or higher -- able to at least install the app.

It's free to download, but you will need a paid account through OnLive to actually play the games, with prices starting at around £3.99 for a three-day streaming rental. [OnLive via Engadget]