Orange to Jack Up Contract Prices By Over 4.3 Per Cent and You Can't Do Anything About It

By Sam Gibbs on at

Orange is increasing its pricing by 4.34 per cent from the 8th of January to cover the cost of high inflation. Trouble is its contracts have a price-rise clause in them, so you can't escape it.

The network has a clause in its terms and conditions (you did read them right?), which allows for one price increase within 12 months of up to the Retail Price Index, which is now at 5.4 per cent. Ofcom's only condition, with these types of price hikes, is that the networks have to give one-month's notice to customers before making a change of 'material detriment' -- those that cost you money. Since Orange isn't pushing up prices until next year, it's served its duty.

Orange's partner network, T-mobile, hasn't currently announced any plans to change prices. So if you're looking at an Everything Everywhere-powered contract, maybe stick to the pink one. [Orange via CNET UK]

Image credit: Man in despair from Shutterstock