Power of Twitter Helps Boy Find Lost Chicken in Northampton

By Sam Gibbs on at

Twitter's not just for starting revolutions, it's also great for finding lost pets seemingly. 11-year-old Tom Crowley lost his beloved pet Ginger the chicken after it crossed the road, only to be found when his mother tweeted about her son's despair. Not exactly the most riveting tweet, but it sure beats bleating on about how Jeremy Clarkson deserves the axe, anyway.

That tweet was retweeted by some kind souls in America, which then caught the attention of Catherine Inglis, who operates PetsLocated.com. She contacted the bereaved family and helped spread the word, with their efforts leading to one of their posters being spotted by a local nursery owner, who had also spotted the chicken hanging around the nursery -- a nursery that was situated on the other side of the main road; the A43.

She then contacted Tom and his mother to arrange for Ginger's safe return -- miraculously, Ginger the chicken had managed to cross the road and not be turned into a chicken fillet burger by a passing truck.

A heart-warming tale I'm sure you'll agree. And it just goes to show, you can achieve almost anything with Twitter -- even finding chickens in Northampton. Let's see if Clarkson can hold onto his plummy job, now. [The Metro]