RIM Execs Go Bananas On Air Canada Flight

By Sam Gibbs on at

Wow, just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier, RIM's self-destruction takes another insane turn. This time two drunk executives caused such a ruckus on a plane that they had to be handcuffed with plastic restraints and adhesive tape, which they promptly chewed through and then kicked-off again.

The two thoroughly embarrassed BlackBerry suits were convicted of the "charge of mischief"; ordered to pay over £46,000 in restitution and given a suspended sentence. They were heard threatening to "off" people when they left the plane; punched an attendant, and acted like utter lunatics by all accounts.

They were acting so disruptively that the plane had to be diverted and land at the closest airport, costing Air Canada in the region of £128,000. RIM also fired the pair, just to add to their troubles.

I've never flown on Air Canada myself -- maybe the in-flight entertainment is enough to drive you potty? -- but you have to wonder what the hell got them so worked up. Maybe they were fighting over which was better -- the BlackBerry London or Milan? At any rate, it seems like the ability to avoid making incredibly poor decisions, and control of one's own behaviour, is not a pre-requisite for getting a high-level position at the BlackBerry maker. It's no wonder the company is circling the proverbial drain. [CBC via The Register]