Rovio Steps Up World Domination Plan With Angry Birds "Activity Parks"

By Sam Gibbs on at

There just seems no stopping those Angry Birds from taking over the world -- I'm starting to feel a little like we're the pigs. The next move in Rovio's take-over plan is to set up some Angry Birds military bases, cleverly disguised as "activity parks".

The first couple will open next year in the home of the enraged feathered fiends, Finland. Several others are in the pipeline, with the UK expected to be on the target list of Rovio and its partner-in-crime the Lappset Group. If that doesn't sound like a sinister umbrella corporation, I don't know what does.

The activity parks will feature fun animal spring riders, swings, sand pits, and even an Angry Birds arcade game  -- luring you into a false sense of security. Of course the innocuous-looking climbing frames and slides will be cleverly disguised brain-washing antennas, ready to convert unsuspecting children into Rovio's secret slave army. [PRNewsWire]