Royal Mail Website Buggered and it's Not Even Christmas Yet

By Sam Gibbs on at

Royal Mail's online Price Finder tool is suffering "technical difficulties", which doesn't exactly bode well for the Christmas onslaught that's headed its way. The Price Finder helps you work out postage costs, which invariably work out more costly than you think they should, because your package happens to be just a tiny bit too big.

Considering the final postage deadlines for Christmas aren't all that far away, and Christmas is the busiest time of year for posties, surely they should have everything together by now, right?

Wrong. The issue is being caused by an upgrade to Royal Mail's web infrastructure -- shifting to a new server has caused the Price Finder-blackout. Thing is, this has been going on for 18-months according to the BBC. 18-months to shift to a new server, and it hasn't even been ironed out yet. With around 750 million Christmas cards being prepared for posting as we speak, let's hope Royal Mail gets things sorted soon -- there'll be a hell of a lot of annoyed Grannies queuing up at the Post Office, trying to work out how much it'll cost to post their freshly knitted Christmas jumpers if not. [Royal Mail via BBC]