Rumours: Mac Pro May Not Be Dead After All

By Sam Gibbs on at

All the rumours of late have been pointing to the demise of the Mac Pro, or at least Apple not bothering to refresh the line. If the drivers contained within the latest Mac OS 10.7.3 beta build are to believed, that might be soon to change.

Driver support for AMD's new 28nm graphics chip codenamed "Tahiti" has been included, which is set to debut in January next year. While it could just be a courtesy for the last desktop-class Mac left standing, Apple normally doesn't release new drivers without model refreshes to go with them.

The Mac Pro hasn't been refreshed since July 2010 and is long over-due for an update. There were rumours that Apple had a refreshed Mac Pro in the pipeline, but decided to can-it before release. So, just because there's support for new chips in the latest update doesn't mean we'll actually see a new Mac Pro -- but maybe. [MacRumors]