Samsung's Galaxy S III is a Quad-Core Model, Galaxy S 3D Coming in 2012

By Gary Cutlack on at

A couple of rumours about Samsung's smartphone future have emerged, claiming that the company's forthcoming Galaxy S III will arrive powered by a quad-core processor -- and a separate 3D Galaxy phone is also on the way.

It's pretty much guaranteed we'll see a Galaxy S III announced at next February's Mobile World Congress event, where the mobile makers of the world show off their new products for the year. What we don't know, yet, is much about the phone, so Korean site ETNews' claim the Galaxy S III will arrive with a quad-core processor could well be right.

The site also claims Samsung will have a 3D capable Galaxy phone next year, too, with the "Galaxy 3D" set to arrive from Q2. Given that no one was particularly excited by LG's Optimus 3D or HTC's EVO 3D, that's a rather odd decision. [ETNews via TNW]