Sat Chair Hides Your Satellite Dish In Plain Sight

By Andrew Liszewski on at

In many high-rise buildings satellite dishes are banned for safety or aesthetic reasons. But since patio furniture is still ok, Sat+ has created a chair-shaped satellite dish secretly giving you hundreds of channels without being hassled by your landlord.

The chair provides the same level of reception as a 60cm dish, and manages to incorporate a hidden LNB, or low-noise block downconverter, which is that small arm you see positioned in front of modern dishes. The chair can even be sat on with the removable cushion installed, but since a warm body pressed against its backrest hinders reception, you'll want to keep that spot clear if you've got friends over watching the game.

It's available right now for £219.95 from SatEuropa and could be the answer to your Sky HD prayers, if you're saddled with an arsey landlord. [SatEuropa via SlashGear]