Scottish Wind Turbine Bursts Into Flames In 80MPH Winds

By Sam Gibbs on at

You might have noticed, it's quite windy up in Scotland right now. It's so windy in fact that a wind turbine in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire in Scotland, burst into flames as the Atlantic storm battered the North of the UK.

Captured by a YouTuber, you can clearly see the turbine shed some sort of protective sheath and explode. It's currently not known why the turbine, which should have shut down when the wind exceeded 55MPH, exploded like that. Worryingly some of these 100m tall beasts are situated pretty close to dwellings. Seeing burning bits fly off the turbine can't be good for local opinion, even if this was a "freak incident". Whereas I think generating electricity from wind power is great, I certainly wouldn't want one of those blades coming off and slicing my house in half -- I'm not ready to down-size just yet. [YouTube via New Scientist]