Siri Tells a Tesco-Shopping Kiddywink to "Shut the F*ck Up"

By Kat Hannaford on at

I haven't played around with Siri enough to see if it's possible to set the user's name as a seven word-long string, but according to an enraged mother whose young son was told to "shut the fuck up, you ugly twat" when playing with an iPhone 4S in Coventry's Tesco, it seems to be possible. Whoops.

You've really got to feel for poor little Charlie Le Quesne, who only enquired about the number of people in the world when trying out Siri on a demo handset, and was given a thorough telling-off by the personal software assistant.

After his mum complained to the Tesco store's manager, the staff unplugged the phone and said they'd be sending it back to Apple "for diagnostic tests."

Growing up as a bored teenager in a small country town, I can see how entertaining it would've been to tamper with an iPhone 4S, especially if I'd just stumbled in from a cheap cider-swillin' sesh in the carpark with my mates. But won't someone think of the chiiiiiildreeeen? [The Telegraph -- Thanks, MHatti3000!]