Sony Creates a Real-Time Holodeck-Like Experience Without Post-Processing

By Sam Gibbs on at

Fancy yourself a real-time pseudo-Holodeck? Yeah, it's been my dream too, ever since I was a Next Generation-watching kid. Sony's kind of done it using a combination of PlayStation Move and projection mapping, plus a helping hand from lycra-clad actors.

The system created by Sony and Studio Output uses motion tracking to project images simulating all sorts of things in real-time, from the perspective of the viewer. It's pretty convincing too, and, incredibly, there's no post-processing at all. It's all done live with light tricks, in one take. Where's my Holodeck Sony? If you want to pull yourself out of a tale-spin a Holodeck would be sure to do it. [YouTube 1, 2, 3 via Engadget]