Spotify Gets Radio Overhaul For Better Music Discovery

By Sam Gibbs on at

If there's one thing Spotify could be characterised as weak for, it's music discovery. It's not awful, but compared to the likes of and the myriad of other streaming radio-type services, it's just not as good. Spotify's hoping to solve that with an overhauled Radio -- bigger, smarter and free-to-all.

Spotify Radio now has unlimited stations, which can be created from a single track, artist or genre. Unlike, you get unlimited skips too -- you don't like a song, skip it. Hopefully you shouldn't have to skip too much, if Spotify really has upped its radio-intelligence game with its "all-new intelligent recommendation engine", but time will tell I guess.

The new radio is rolling out alongside Spotify's App Finder in the next few days -- but if you just can't wait, you can grab the preview version of the Spotify client right now and give it a whirl. Hopefully this radio update will pull Spotify up to parity with the others in the music streaming game. This and apps could make it a one-stop-shop for music -- at least that's what Spotify is surely hoping for.